Thursday, April 30, 2009

OK so I know I have some new readers so I will do an introduction.
My name is Jerri, I'm 21 and happily married to Mike a pilot in the air force. Soon to be mom to triplets, aka fetus McJitters and company. Because of a birth defect I have I was not able to conceive the normal way. Our babies were conceived using IVF(in vitro fertilization, aka test tube babies). Four embryos were fertilized and allowed to grow several days to the blastocyte stage. Then they were transfered to my uterus. Three of those embryos "took", implanted, and now we are expecting triplets. No, they aren't identical, they are faternal, from separate eggs.
At about 16 wks we found out one of the babies has Anencephaly, a neural tube defect that can be prevented 99.9% of the time by a woman taking 400 mcgs of folic acid before she gets pregnant. Anencephaly is incompatible with life, we know our sweet baby boy won't live.
I started this to update people on how they are and all things pregnancy related.
The first entry is this one, the 2nd and 3rd are ones I consider important and have dated them far ahead so they stay at the top. The 3rd is stuff I need to keep easily accessible, for my own records.
Read, comment, ask questions. I am OK with honest questions. I ask you to please not be negative. It's hard enough planning for this birth, and planning a funeral. Accept our decisions or don't, but know they are OUR decisions and what is best for our family.
I will say straight up that abortion was not and is not an option. One, because of our faith, and two, because it would risk the health of the other two babies. We are willingly making this journey and trying to keep a positive outlook.
Thank you for reading, and welcome to our journey.

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