Sunday, April 25, 2010

BP was 180/114 this morning. I went to the ER for a migraine and they found that. Question is, headache because of the BP or, BP because of headache.
They got it down to 140/90 and admitted me. Its hanging out in that range today. They admitted me to keep an eye on me for the day and for tonight.
I slept a few hours. Still tired though.
Had an ultrasound this morning and they all look ok. every couple hours they hook me up to the fetal monitor for 15 mins or so. The only issue is they can only get two of the babies. Asher being located primarily behind his sister is hard to find. But he is ok, according to ultrasound.
Mike, mom, and dad brought Chinese for dinner tonight. They didn't stay long though because I am tired and dad is going home in the morning. Mike brought me my laptop, and I do have wifi, just don't feel like doing much more than playing solitaire and watching movies.

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