Saturday, April 24, 2010

Now that my emotions have stabilized a bit from earlier this week I can think rationally. OK, I admit, I still break down in tears at random moments, but I'm not crying constantly like I did before.
Mike wants me to measure my belly around. Not gonna happen. I don't need to know how big around I am that way.
The babies are very active lately. I feel significant movement in three separate areas, lower left and right, upper left. Thing one and Thing two are lower, girl is bottom left, boy lower right, and Asher is upper left. At times i think Asher is the most active.
Just over 3 wks till I reach the halfway point of 20 wks. The hospital considers age of viability 23 wks. which means before that point they won't try to save them. At 24 wks survival is 50% . At 28 wks its 90%. July 12th is our goal. Thats when Fetus McJitters and Company will be 28 wks.

Its early and I'm the only one up. I love having the quiet. I woke up when Hannah jumped on my belly getting out of bed, after Mike hollered at her to get out because she was all in our faces. I love this dog, but damn she is energetic and has come to think 630 am is wake up time.

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