Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still in the hospital. Still having high blood pressure.
The babies are growing and growing well. I'm measuring near 28 wks., at 17.
17 wks, it doesn't seem like that far into it. Just 3 wks till I reach what is the halfway point of most pregnancies. It's hard to believe that I'm nearly there. July 12 is our first goal. 28 wks.
I feel them moving more and more, all over, though the last 2 days its been more in the upper left, Asher reminding me in my worst moments, that he is still here, still with us.
We have been working on a birth and care plan. There are a few things we want done, all realistic.

Some points in it:

  • Asher is not to receive any standard newborn treatments. No vaccinations, no eye ointment, no Vit. K. nothing. They are to wipe him down, wrap him up and put his hat on him, and hand him to his father immediately, he will bring him to me. This way if he is born alive we will have every moment possible with him.
  • The only time it will be permitted for him to be away from his mother is immediately after birth. We ask for a private room close to the delivery room where our priest can meet Asher(if its not appropriate for him to come in to the delivery room) and baptize him and do the Anointing of the sick(last rites). This is very important to me.
  • Asher will room in every moment he is alive.
  • We are to be left alone as much as possible except for family and friends we invite, this will insure we can be a family for however long is possible.
  • If he tolerates it, we want to feed him.
  • If he lives To the time I discharge we would like to consider the possibility of taking him home with hospice care, and allowing him to die there, hospice will be contacted prior to delivery(by parents) if Asher survives until delivery.
  • Asher is to have NO life support done with the exception of oxygen. We do not want his life artificially prolonged.
  • If something unexpected or out of the ordinary occurs we are to be notified immediately with all options presented to us and allowed to make the decision regarding what to do.
  • Asher is to be treated with respect and dignity at all times. He may not look normal, act normal, or be normal, but regardless, he is a baby who is loved by his family.
  • This plan pertains to Asher. The other two are expected to have no problems and we expect every life saving measure to be taken.

We haven't decided yet if we will have the other babies with us. It's possible, or we may leave them in the nursery, thats all assuming they won't need the NICU, if they need the NICU then its not a decision we will have to make. There will be no need for him to have shots or anything like that, so why bother, its a few minutes less of his life that we will have with him. Feeding, thats the one most people question. Because of his lack of brain he won't feel hunger or thirst. Some people believe feeding anencephalic babies prolongs their life, others don't. I don't know either way. I know feeding is a normal newborn activity, and its something we can do for him. I was told if I want, I can even try to breastfeed him. I'm not sure yet what I will do. Mike and I plan to finish the care plan and give copies to the doctors and nurses involved ahead of time. I want them to know us, and know what we want. We will add at the end that we know things can change and we can be flexible.

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