Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I saw the doctor yesterday, not MY doctor, one of the other clinic docs. I didn't like him. I also saw a dietitian before that. I didn't like her either.
I'm still 10 lbs below my prepregnancy weight, at 20 wks.
It's not for lack of trying.
I just throw up everything I eat or drink. I have been keeping track of everything I eat, amounts, and how soon after I throw up. A lame attempt at finding what stays down the longest. It's not working. I'm being threatened with a feeding tube. I asked the doc what good will that do, its just putting it in by a different route. In all fairness though, breathing triggers my gag reflex. Yes, its that bad.
I have, at times, found success drinking ice cold water before I try to eat. I guess it numbs things a bit?
The midwife at the clinic said that unofficially she would suggest smoking marijuana. Yes, pot. She said 1 hit off a join 2-3 times a day should help the nausea significantly.
She gave us a stack of studies done on it. My husband and mother are encouraging me. My sister in law said "are you trying to kill yourself and the babies?"
No, but the doc said I slowly am starving them. HELLO??? I'm not doing this on purpose tyvm.
That was twice yesterday I was accused of trying to kill my babies. First time was the medical assistant that weighed me at the dietitians office. She said are you trying to hurt your babies or keep your figure. I admit I yelled at her a bit. Mom heard me out in the waiting room.

In other words...I am moving Friday. Mom and I are driving the motor home to Seattle. I will stay with her till Mike gets us a house and settled in Spokane. Then mom and I will be driving back there to join him. She will be doing all the driving. I don't fit behind the steering wheel of the motor home.

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  1. *hug* I am so sorry you had such a terrible doctor's visit. I can not believe anyone would accuse you of killing your babies. That is unfair to you and completely unvalidated.

    love and prayers