Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today I got this comment "I find myself grieving with every woman who is introduced to motherhood in traumatic ways". She was speaking in regards to c sections...


  1. C sections should not be viewed as negative. For the safety of mom and babies, it is often necessary for multiples. Jerri, you are a strong woman. You can do this. You, Mike and your family will make this experience as beautiful as possible.

    Kim aka butter

  2. I agree c-sections should not be viewed as negative. We chose to have a c-section for when Lilly was born. And while some may say that we "chose" her birthday and that was unfair, all they had to say to us was that it increased the chance of a live birth and we jumped aboard. I am not one to opt for surgery as I've only had one other in my life and am TERRIFIED. I think c-section/vaginal its all PERSONAL choice and some don't even get to choose, some have to have c-sections.

    love and prayers