Friday, May 28, 2010


Things are okish. Still having the occasional contraction, but they aren't even bad enough to wake me up.

However, my blood sugar has been doing some crazy things lately. up and down and all over the place. Moms been waking me every 2 hrs since I have been sleeping through my alarm, to check my sugar, make me eat, or give me a shot. Tonight it was 370, way high considering what I have been eating. Should be a lot lot lower. So another shot. and the needle was dull. that means another bruise dammit. Oh well.
I have discovered that stretch marks are really tough. Needles, new or old, don't like to go through them. Yes, I still get most of my shots in my belly. I can't do them in my butt myself, and each one is to much insulin to do in my arm, it hurts. Never been able to tolerate them in my thighs. So stomach it is. For 17 yrs now its been my stomach. Deal with it, I do.
Tonight its just random ramblings. My head is eh, not sure really. Kind of all over the place tonight.
I've been doing a lot of research and reading lately. Mom keeps telling me to stop, I will drive myself crazy. I threw a book at her.


  1. *hug*

    love and prayers

  2. praying you levels even out and you are able to enjoy your time with your lil ones all together under and in mommys heart!