Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Preterm Labor(PTL)

Round 1-
ME 1

Spent half of last night and most of today at the hospital having contractions 5 mins apart.
They put me on magnesium sulfate IV at the hospital and once contractions stopped they put me on terbutaline orally. Then kept me all day to make sure the Terbutaline would keep them stopped. It did and I went home this afternoon, still on bedrest and still waiting patiently.

In baby news, Ashers heart rate has dropped below 100 with short periods where it was 90-110.
The perinatologist said that given the stead drop over the past 2 wks he may not live much longer.
We just hope that its long enough for the other two to be viable, 21 wks doesn't give much hope.

  • 21 weeks or less: 0 percent survival rate
  • 22 weeks: 0–10 percent survival rate
  • 23 weeks: 10–35 percent survival rate
  • 24 weeks: 40–70 percent survival rate
  • 25 weeks: 50–80 percent survival rate
  • 26 weeks: 80–90 percent survival rate
  • 27 weeks: greater than 90 percent survival rate

Dates. I'm fixated on them. July 12 is the goal, 28 wks. First goal was 12 wks, then 20 wks, now 28. It seems so far away I'm considering making another before, 24 wks maybe, then 32, then 36. I have OCD, deal with it, I do.

More questions...
What will happen with the other babies if Asher were to die now?
Would that start labor?
does it increase risk of infection?
Will it put the other two at greater risk of growth retardation or other complications?

and FFS, quit referring to him as my sick baby. He's not sick. if he were they could probably fix him.


  1. *hug* I agree "sick" is a wrong choice of words. I have had it said to me a couple of times and I dislike it. I will be praying for you.


  2. Thanks so much Elena.
    Most of the time I can brush it off and ignore it, but sometimes it just gets to me.